Título: Man Of Steel
Intérprete: Frank Black

Under the stars each night,
I wonder do stairs go there?
I'm lonely driving behind the wheel,
Can't get no where.
I can't seem to get it right.
I'm only just a man of steel.

...Is there a place?

And under the stars tonight,
I wonder if someone cares.
I'm lonely, that's the way I feel
Can't feel no stairs.
I've gotten a real ad-heist
I'm only just a man of steel.

...There is a place. (x11)

© copyright 2008
La mayoría de las fotos, personajes e historias son propiedad intelectual exclusiva de la Twentieh Century Fox Film Corporation [], por lo que este sitio no es oficial y pretende ser un homenaje de fans al programa de THE X-FILES.