Título: Black
Interprete: Sara Mclachlan

As the walls are closing in
and the colors fade to black
and my eyes are falling fast and deep into me
and I follow the tracks that lead me down
and I never follow what's right
and they wonder sometimes when they see all the
Sadness and pain the truth begins to light

'Cause I can't see the reason
What is blind cannot see
'Cause I want what is pleasin'
All I take should be free
What I rob from the innocent ones
What I'd steal from the womb

If I cried me a river of all my confessions
Would I drown in my shallow regret
As the walls are closing in
and the colors fade to blank
and the night is falling fast and deep into the sea
and in the darkness all that I can see
The frightened and the weak
Are forced to cling to mistakes they know nothing of
At mercy are the meek

© copyright 2008
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